Op. Dr. Cem Altindag with a professional team that possesses great experience in the field of nose aesthetics more than 22 years and ensures international standards of quality and safety. He provides patients a comprehensive range of treatments, both open and closed various rhinoplasty techniques with Piezo (ultrasound) surgery.

Following his aesthetic surgical experience on the noses for rhinoplasty and reputation for natural appearance: a well-known rhinoplasty (for primary and revision cases) surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Altindag is the certified expert who has been performing advanced rhinoplasty surgical techniques with modern and safest technologies.

Regarded as one of the best experienced rhinoplasty surgeons in Istanbul; not only he has performed thousands of cosmetic nasal surgeries but also, he interacts with some universities/tersiary c. center (research hospital), for designing new surgical instruments/tools to provide innovations which may facilitate aesthetic nasal planning & surgery while keeping to work for several academic (basic and clinical) research.

Dr. Cem ALTINDAG got his medical degree from the School of Medicine – Istanbul University in 1989. From there, he completed otolaryngology & head and neck surg. residency at Beyoglu State Ed. & Research Hospital-Istanbul in 1994. As otolaryngology & head and neck s. consultant surgeon, he worked at several hospitals outside Istanbul (Manisa, Tekirdağ). He has attended several meeting and courses which is based on aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty and nasal surgery. He has been working in Istanbul since 1999.

Some of Observerships/Honorary Consultancy/Courses/Meetings (Outside Turkey)

1991: Pittsburgh, PA-USA

1997: Graz-Austria & Ann Arbor, MI-USA

1998: Berlin, Germany

1999: London, UK

2000: Porto, Portugal

June 2001-July 2002: (Honorary Consultant) Royal National Ent Hospital, Guy’s & St. Thomas Hosp. Lewisham University Hosp., London, UK

2009: Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013: Imola, Italy

2014: Munich, Germany

2016: Paris, France

2021: Member of European Rhinoplasty Society